The book is presenting seventy of the most influential characters of skateboarding in the 90s.

« Each skateboarder has been selected for a particular reason. One day they created original tricks or lines, that sent shockwaves to the skateboarding world, changing the way we thought, reinventing our world. Without even always knowing it, they set something in motion, something that spread like wildfire into local scenes. A spot and a trick put together could build someone’s reputation for a whole generation of skaters. Some became legends, some are local heroes. But each in their own right was influential and inspirational ».

“The captions that go with the photos are here to flesh out the stories behind each of the portrait, to tell readers about why each sitter was included, who they were then and who have since become, how each photo came to be the way it is and how some came close to never existing…”.

Mathias Fennetaux, Intoduction, memory is inspiration