La Derniere Vague No Skatebboarding x Nixon

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La Derniere Vague No Skatebboarding x Nixon

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La Dernière Vague no skateboarding & nixon

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J-4 La Derniere Vague, hanging is almost done

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fennetaux_nixon_la_derniere_vague_2Side by side with a sketch up plan, La Friche team members are doing a great job.

J-4 This is (not) music

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A new big group show is about to open at this new industrial location called La Friche in Marseilles.
Contemporary art and board culture will meet in the show « la derrière vague » – the last wave. The show has been curated by Richard Leydier and Guillaume Le Goff.
I am very proud to announce the coming of this new show supported by my long standing relationship with the Encinitas-based watch company Nixon which has been renewed for the occasion. It is the first time I will be able to show a complete view of my skateboarders’ portraits taken from my recently published book. A room has been dedicated for the purpose, where over 60 portraits will be displayed.


The Broken Arm Shop in Paris

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Freshly opened, you can swing by to see nice selection of garments and share a coffee with your friends. Broken Arm is carrying the book in their selected librairy corner

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Arcana Librairy in Culver City L.A

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No skateboarding available in the West coast at Arcana in Los Angeles


Pulp 68 meet up with Jim

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Pulp Geneve… And Keith Haring’ s mini ramp


Supreme nyc got the book

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Supreme New-York got the book. There are the first in the us to sell it. Only few copies… distribution will start begining of 2013 for the rest of the country. As the print run was limited, only few copies remains available and be spread into selected spot on the West coast. More info to come


Ftc Barcelone got few copies

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Meeting up with Ruben Garcia at FtC Barcelone. Now available, just few copies