Hosoi shooting Jesse Martinez’s portrait

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When Hosoi is looking at and snap Jesse’s portrait at la Cité de la Mode et du Design, many things comes to his mind. It brings back some amazing memories of stories to tell #venice #pavillon #og #dt #ultimatesessions #90′



No skateboarding X Boulle

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Two months of Exhibition welcoming peoples, insiders, newcomers, that was a great experience to share and chat about skateboarding history. Another two weeks before it ends


No skateboarding X Boulle at les Docks Cite de la Mode et du Design

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Another great ending weekend…with the Paris Design Week at les Docks.


Hosoi at No skateboarding X Boulle

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Hosoi and the boys showed up last weeks end at my exhibition at les Docks, during the Vans downtown show down…. Hosoi discovered my book and his portrait for the first time ever shooted in HB in 2005…there are things that words can t explain…when living legends and history of skateboarding are celebrate. Exhibition supported by nixon


No skateboarding X Boulle

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La Cite de la Mode et de Design in Paris Photo Exhibition of portraits of legendary skateboarders and hand made skateboards

Exhibition from july 15 to of september 30 Supported by nixon #booklastforever #noskateboardingbook #nixon_now


The Artcurial bookshop

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Really pleased to announce that no skateboarding is now available at the Artcurial bookshop in Paris


No skateboarding X Boule

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Les Docks, Cite de la mode et du design, Paris

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No skateboarding X Boulle

New Parisian Exhibition supported by Nixon

Open all week from 15 to 20pm 15/07 > 30/09/13

Vernissage in september during back to school time…

La Dernière Vague

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mathias_fennetaux_la_derniere_vague_10 (1)

La Derniere Vague No Skatebboarding x Nixon

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